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Tambunan Rainforest Carnival on 7th - 11th December 2010 activities.

7 & 8 Dec : Photography Workshop

9 Dec        : Rainforest Carnival Launching

10 Dec      : Rainforest Charity Dinner

11 Dec      : Rainforest Challenge


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1. Tambunan Village Homestay Event
2. Japanese Translation brochure


Sabah Adventure Challenge Raiding Tambunan & International participants staying in Tambunan Village Homestay. Come and Witness the Challenge!

Sabah Adventure Challenge is South East Asia's oldest established multi-day adventure race since 1998 from dawn to dusk in the heart of North Borneo in which endurance and adventure athletes will compete in either the Adventure or Extreme categories over a race course covering 150 Kilometers. Read More

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UMS Internation & National Student Homestay program 12 - 14th March 2010. About 27 Student from China, Indonesia & Malaysia are experiencing the daily life of Kadazan Dusun people of Tambunan

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Global Village Volunteer team coming to build habitat for humanity home for a family who lost their home in fire. The 18 team from American School in Dubai will be staying with homestay families from 27th March to 2nd April 2010.Read More

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Tambunan is about 81km from Kota Kinabalu and is famous for its sceneric paddy fields and bamboo groves - the resulf of Colonial regulations that for every bamboo cut, twenty hoots must be planted. The main town here is Tambunan famous for its 'lihing' (rice wine) and the site of lively tamu (traditional trade fair).

Tambunan, a land rich in culture and traditions, is a sun filled valley. The majority of the people are of Kadazandusun origin. Tambunan is situated amidst well preserved forested hills, grossing plains with paddy fields, surrounding with fascinating streams and rivers with waterfalls.

Mount Trus Madi (2,642m) is located here. Malaysia second highest mountain, which housed the rare Nepethes trusmadiensis (rarest pitcher plant in the world!). It is also home to the biggest flower in the word, the rafflesia, where a Conservation Center has been establised here. It is also known for the Mahua waterfall which is located at Crocker Range Park in Patau.

The Tambunan Valley Homestay Program has attracted a lot of tourist around the word to experience the authentic lifestyle of the local people.

The Tambunan Village Homestay is organising the "Rainforest Carnival" to show case the products of the Rainforest such as the uses of Bamboo, traditional wild vegetables, herbal plants, handicrafts from the rainforest and all kinds of food will be displayed and experience for the local as well as foreign tourist in November.

We invite you all to come to our Rainforest Carnivals and stay and experience the rich culture embed with kind hospitality of the local people in Tambunan.

Discover the secret of the tropical rainforest in the Crocker range the valley of Tambunan, the garden valley. A specialized will guide you through the rainforest walk to discover the hidden treasures of the rainforest, where our forefathers used to roam freely in search of the secret herb when no medicine could cure a disease. Where you hear the  sound of the bamboo music swaying with the winds and birds singing in the rain. All these are nearly extinct now, if no one  cares but we care as we desperately  try to save the last few rainforest left in this valley. The  Tambunan Village Homestays  Programme Rainforest aims to bring awareness on conservation and love our environment for our future generations. We aim to work together with the other government bodies such as the Sabah Parks who have put a conservation centre for the Crocker range to protect the Mahua waterfall and Sabah Forestry department which established the Rafflesia, the world largest flower conservation centre in Tambunan. The involvement of the local community in protecting water catchments is a paramount importance to conservation awareness program for the community to know why and where their water source come from.

We hope that  others will do the same, for “ in the end, we will only conserve what we love, we  will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we have been taught said  Baba Dioum, a conservationist. We welcome you all to join us in our Rainforest carnival imbued with the culture and traditions of the Kadazandusun, people of Tambunan Valley.


Discover the history, culture and people of Tambunan, a walk about in the town and get to know how Tambunan came to being.
Discover the history of Tambunan, on walk about the in villages , visit the last  skull “cemetery” stone, where the last head were buried, when the British ended the headhunting days, the skulls were kept in one family house, but after several years, the community decided that the “heads” should be given a proper burial. A large and elaborate ceremony was carried out to put the souls of the owner s of the heads in their resting place.

In a walk about you will discover the pregnant stone, which was a legend about a pregnant woman who tired to escape from the wrath of the gods; Kinoringan, who was angered by the drunkard behaviour of the people who lived in the longhouse who made the animals danced and laugh that hailstorm flooded the longhouse and one pregnant woman tried to exsape but she was strucked by lighting and was turned into a stone.One can see this stone in Kg.Timbou; resembling a pregnant woman lying on the ground. Besides the stones were other broken stones, smeared like blood, which was another headhunting story

Other historical interest is the Mat Salleh Memorial museum about the history of Matsalleh who fought against the Bristish rule in the 1900’s
There are a lot of nice trails and forest walks that one can go to where only the villagers knows, and not a normal tourist destinations
When you go into the forest there are do and donts you have to adhere, as the locals still believes that the spirit of the forest must be respected, one you can simply pluck or take anything from the forest, These were a form of conservation. As you walk along the river or forest, there will be certain signs and symbols that the local will interpret for you , such as no picking this fruit , no crossing this boundary

Discover a hidden waterfall, even though it is not a grand one, but with  mysteriously shaped like tables and gongs
Discover the secret of the forest, rubber trees and other edible fruits
Go with the local in search of edible wild vegetables such as the tuhau and learned how to make a simple appetizing healthy salad
Walk thru well conserved forest to the waterfall of Mahua for a picnic lunch or a cool refreshing swim
You can either walk along the Sunsuron river to the Rafflesia Center for a more advertures discovery of the Flora and fauna or just drive right to the conservation center and walk around the forest to Discover the largest flower in the world with a forestry guide. They will telll you if the flower is in bloom or not

A weekly market is the best place to learn about the produces of the forest, sometimes strange animals and wildhoney wil be on sale or even a phyton
For a more relaxing recreation, you host can bring you to the Tambunan Village Recreation center where you can canoe, or just feed the fish and have a cool drink and soak in the peaceful environment

Visit and taste some real no.1 rice wine At the Lihing factory
More Bamboo products can be discovered at the Bamboo factory. Depending on the length of stay and groups Making local bamboo crafts such as fish traps or walking stilts, matt can be part of your program

Fancy some ginger local products visit the local cottage industry that produces ginger products
Discover your musical talent by learning to beat gongs or blow a sompoton or try beating the mysterious musical stone gong that can produce and ensemble of gongs music

Learn some Kadazandusuns phrase by learning some kadazandusun songs from your host family
Most important of all as guest staying with homestay families  you are an adopted familiy member and you will be invited to  weddings , or family gatherings if it happen during your stay

Being in the village means sometimes things just happen, so be quick to capture them with your camera
Nothing is rehearsed or plan for you, so be flexible and come with an open heart as your learn to discover and learn from another culture
The thing that we planned for you as a guest is to make sure that you enjoy your stay with your host family as you both try to learn from one another
In the end what is important is what have you learned from another culture and what have you contributed to make the world a better place as you interact with you host family and the community that you are staying

As the coordinator of Tambunan Village homestay, we ensure that your stay is a safe, enjoyable and as adventurers as well as educational
Respect for another culture and learning to blend with the community will go a long way to make your stay worthwhile
For more adventurers discovery of the Tambunan Rainforest is to climb the second highest mountain in Malaysia that is Mount Trus Madi, 2,642 metres high

For further information and packages on Rainforest Carnival, please Contact Us.

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